Goccia, the new fashion bag concept

Published : 2016-07-28 14:53:55
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New fashion

Fresh air with Goccia, the new bag by Tie Ups, rich in innovation and features. Dedicated to all those women who are curious and up with the times. Goccia will surprise you for all its distinctive traits and the innovative materials it is made of. The new concept of bag, modern and design oriented, is finally here. Goccia enhances the personality and femininity of every woman. It is not only a fashion accessory, but a true added value to all your outfits, able to give color, flavor and magic to every and each occasion. Goccia was made to surprise you. The bag, by Tie-Ups, is the true new fashion addiction. Its drop shaped line hides a unique technological soul. AVALAIBLE ON OUR ONLINE SHOP ON AUGUST 5TH


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