Top Italian Chef and Tie-Ups

Published : 2016-09-19 12:37:30
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Top Italian Chef and Tie-Ups

We have never made any secret of our love for good food Innovation and design over the boundaries between salty and sweet at the restaurant Sporting by Liù. The chef pluristellati Loretta Fanella and Ljubica Komlenic Top Italian Chef, presented an original menu and unique, symmetrical in the presentation, the other flavors. The same forms and the same colors made of salt and then sweet version. Moreno Morello of Striscia la Notizia he presented the evening and the different courses, the only one dressed in white, in contravention to the dress code of the evening which provided the total black. Tie-Ups unveiled the new cover of drop models, the jewel bag with inner light, mirror, customizable at will. The novelty is the cover reversible sequins that aroused amazement and curiosity. A beautiful evening, ideal for combining different ways of understanding the taste.

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