Thinking about our lifestyle, our habits and different cultures of every single country with their own “uses and customs”, we realize that only few things are in commom: shoes and belts.

Belt, in particolar, characterizes fashion of all times and countries, from the Ancient Egypt, to India, China and Japan.

The belt in particular, is part of the fashion of all times and in all countries: from early times, already in Egypt, India, China, Japan, there are traces of belts in various styles that fasten the dress at the vest; they are decorated and arranged according to uses.

In the age of technology, in which customs and traditions change quickly, the idea of ​​Matley srl is to keep a strong link between Today and Past, enhancing tradition through innovation.

So, while the function of the belt still remains firmly ancored to the past, Matley srl decides to change radically the design of this accessory and developes Tie-Ups: the high quality belt made in recyclable materials derived from elastomeric polymers.

Tie-ups project is the evolution the “classic” belt, traditionally conceived in leather, rope or varnish with metal bucale, revisited now with the use of innovative materials in combination with colors and modern shapes.

Innovation pass through the research and experimentation: Tie-Ups is durable, flexible, pleasant to the touch, recyclable, safe and waterproof.

Everyone who wears Tie-Ups identifies himself for his being unique, respecting his own traditions and culture.

Welcome to the age of Tie-ups!