The packaging

The packaging also come from process of research and design that did not leave anything to chance, defining in detail the functional and aesthetic characteristics. Tie-ups wants to be an object that goes beyond a clothing accessory and it tends to became an artistic object.

This is the reason why the elegant pack that distinguishes Tie-ups was created: a little box made of  transparent polycarbonate embossed with a high visual impact, that enhances the belt as an accessory  and enhances its aesthetic qualities. The pack perfectly contains the belt, and several stacked boxes give a “suspended” effect to the product, highlighting the bright color and outlining the elegant profile.

Through these interlocking packs, Tie-ups is able to create some products that you can assemble into three-dimensional shapes that can be always renew, playing with colors of the belts and with forms of the construction. Matley srl would like to create a small piece of art and design. They actually did it.

Here’s how Tie-ups became an article with strong qualities of exposure, which allows each store to create the “Tie-ups zone”, a place immediately recognizable and at the same time different, easily renewable according to the taste of those who will take care of the construction. The two young italian entrepreneurs, conceiving the accurate pack, gave birth to this dynamic and self-made idea of exposures, and so they created a tool through which any store could give vent to their artistic side.

Tie-ups is the concrete proof that there is still much to say and to invent in the world of fashion accessories

Tie-Ups is the idea of two men who wanted to create something really new in the world of fashion and they realized it thanks to the support of skills in different and complementary fields.

Matley reinvented a traditional accessory studying materials, design and packaging of the product and creating an accessory which goes beyond the classic or informal style, adapting itself to any stylistic choice.