Tie-Ups in the world

The production of Tie-Ups® started in 2008 and, after less than one year,  the product was available in some of the most prestigious Italian outlets.

The Tie-ups ® brand has an international impact but bases its quality on its Italian origins and so the company decides to maintain a strong presence in Italy, opening the first designer outlet in Italy, in an exclusive location in Via Manzoni, Milan, within the prestigious “Quadrilatero della moda”, a real international showcase, hosting the major Italian fashion brands.

In Japan the first international flagship store was opened in 2009. Other International markets which are giving special attention to Tie-ups® are Spain, Holland, Greece, Belgium and Germany in Europe; Australia and the USA in the rest of the world.
In recent years there has been a significant expansion in the Asian market, with the birth of stores in Korea and Hong Kong.

The objective of Tie-ups for these markets is to introduce the Italian style in its simplicity and elegance, but at the same time to offer products made ​​with innovative and cutting edge materials. The goal is to merge the Italian tradition with a strong tendency to innovation and experimentation that has always characterized Tie-ups.

Tie-ups remains a Made in Italy exporting brand throughout the world, making exhibitions in the world’s most important cities offering its products through artistic and emotional settings.
Tie-ups is not only a fashion accessory, it is an artistic element that allows to play with combinations of colors and shapes, thus creating real artistic installations.