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  • Tie-Ups

    Fashion belts and accessories

    Men's collection

    The Tie-Ups Men’s collection is innovative and unique. Accessories completely designed and made in Italy, with 100% animal free materials, vegan friendly and durable. Fashion meets sustainability.

    The choices we make shape our identity. What we wear reveals it to the world. Fashion evolution is born. Wear tie-ups, wear evolution!

    Women's Collection

    The Tie-Ups Women’s collection is innovative and unique. Belts, bags and rucksacks made with recycled and recyclable animal free materials, vegan friendly and durable.

    Wear lightness, creativity, sustainability with a feminine touch. Choose beauty and be unique.


    Children's collection

    The Tie-Ups Children’s collection is novel, creative and fun. 100% made in Italy, animal free and recyclable.

    Lightweight accessories, washable, waterproof and durable. Choose colour, comfort and style. Choose Tie-Ups!

    How it's made

    Products with unique characteristics.

    Ethics, energy savings, non-traditional sales channels distinguish our products.

    Matley srl sends the products purchased on Mondays and Thursdays, limiting fuel consumption as much as possible. They generally arrive at their destination in one or two working days.

    Our materials including packaging are completely recyclable and we do not use animal skins of any kind, which is why we are certified “animal free”.