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    Tie-ups produces coasters in thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE). This material is the same we use for our exclusive belts and accessories. It is 100% recyclable and extremely easy to wash. This unique product can be reused endlessly, differently from usual paper coasters. Tie-ups coasters are completely made in Italy.

    Glass markers

    Tie-ups produces glass markers in diverse shapes, and multiple symbols. Fashioned from TPE thermoplastic elastomer, the same resilient material utilized in our belts and other tie-up accessories, these markers are not only 100% recyclable but also effortlessly washable. In contrast to disposable paper markers, our design offers the distinct benefit of endless reusability. It seamlessly attaches to glass, ensuring a secure placement that remains consistently attractive. Proudly crafted in Italy, our glass markers embody both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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    Tie-ups produces placemats from the exclusive elastomeric thermoplastic TPE, mirroring the durability found in our belts and tie-up accessories. This 100% recyclable material ensures effortless cleaning, offering a distinct edge over disposable paper products with its endless reusability. Conceptualized and entirely made in Italy, our placemats exemplify a perfect blend of sustainability and Italian craftsmanship.