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    Research, experimentation and invention are the keys which  developed this brand born in Italy in 2007 from a strong idea. Tie-ups is a new concept on the traditional belt, an accessory that carries new values: made with unconventional materials, that is both durable and fashionable designed to last the cycle of fast changing fashion.

    A philosophy that in 2008 gave life to the first belt completely made of plastic materials, the result of a process divided into several stages: from the search for cutting-edge materials capable of guaranteeing the product unique characteristics to the care of the design, from the study of customisation methods to the creation of the first models for different users.

    The creative possibilities inherent in the product concept lead in the following years to new variations of the original vision of tie-ups into different forms and inspirations.


    The transformation of the product to express our creative side and sustainability as a vocation to protect the environment has lead tie-ups to play with evolution through innovative materials: the strap is in elastomeric thermoplastic, the buckle in transparent polycarbonate.

    Innovative materials to create a resistant, safe product. Tie-Ups accessories are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, resistant to twisting and traction and completely waterproof and washable.

    Attention to detail is expressed in every detail, from buckles to packaging, for a design product that represents Italian fashion.

    Tie-ups accessories are versatile, washable, and can be customised, to dare and emerge exclusivity.

    With Tie-ups, be 100% free, be 100% you.

    Our Company

    Matley Srl was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs united by a common passion for fashion, Alberto Vanin and Moreno Ferracin.

    Previously working with import and distribution of clothing collections their desire to create and experiment together pushes them to create their own brand TIE-UPS. 

    In 2008 they created Tie-ups in Italy which means to unite, to connect.

    The concept is therefore to unite people with the same passion and feeling towards design, love for details, technology, and respect for the environment. These are the values on which the company is founded.

    Research, experimentation and innovation have also led to the birth of a new material, the Tie-Ups material: a thermoplastic particularly pleasant to the touch, very resistant, certified animal free and completely recyclable.

    The first product made with this polymer is the belt.  No die cutting, no stitching, no manual operation, just a 4000 kg steel mold. The result is extraordinary: a perfect object in every detail, completely new that completely reinterprets the very concept of the belt.

    The attention of tie-ups for the customer, as well as for the materials, is absolute: the materials are hypoallergenic, the style is customizable, the delivery is fast and the customer service efficient and responsive.

    Tie-ups represent the way to express one’s personality and original style through design, colour, and the interchangeability of buckles.

    Customisable belt, tie-ups colours your waist

    The result of this constant tension to evolve something so fundamental in our accessory wardrobe was realised in a process developed in several stages: from the search for cutting-edge materials capable of guaranteeing the product unique characteristics, to the care of the design, from the study of customisation methods, to the creation of the first designs for different users.

    From idea to development

    How to create a new innovative belt? 

    If we think about everyday life, our habits, all the different cultures of each country and their customs, we realise that only a few things are present in nearly every culture’s past, two of which are shoes and belts! 

    The belt in particular is part of the fashion of all times and countries: already in the history of Egypt, India, China and Japan there are traces of belts designed to stop garments at the waist, decorated and arranged according to local needs and use.

    We are now in a time where all evolves quickly, from technology to customs and habits and Matley’s idea is to maintain a strong link between the new and the old and to enhance tradition through innovation. Matley has designed and developed Tie-Ups, the innovative belt made from elastomeric polymers which is a recyclable material. We give attention to the quality of the product and finishing and we deliver a durable, animal free and environmentally friendly product.  

    The Tie-ups belt is the evolution of traditional accessories: the “classic” belt, historically conceived to be made of leather, rope or fabric with a metal buckle, is revisited thanks to innovative materials combined with colours, modern and trendy patterns and prints.

    Research and experimentation creates the Tie-up belt, delivering a resistant, flexible, pleasant to the touch, recyclable, safe and waterproof product. 

    The Tie-Ups belt brings to live the classic traditions and culture, looking ahead and being at the forefront.

    Welcome to the world of Tie-ups!


    The study of materials

    Tie-ups wanted to revolutionise the concept of the belt, which has always been conceived as a product exclusively in leather. We started from a study on materials to find what could suit the goal and finally created a product with design, lightness, resistance, great finishing.

    Innovation & Technology

    Research, experimentation and innovation have led to the make of a new material, the tie-upsⓇ material: a thermo plastic that is particularly pleasant to the touch, very resistant, certified animal free and completely recyclable. It is with this new material that Tie-ups create all their accessories.


    100% Italian design

    Tie-ups produces high quality fashion accessories designed and produced entirely in Italy. All the components of the Tie-ups items, including the elegant packaging, are studied to the details to create design.

    Safe and resistant materials

    The materials with which the tie-ups accessories are made are safe and hypoallergenic. They can be easily cleaned with antibacterial products to ensure maximum protection without fear of damaging the product. In fact, the materials are totally waterproof, which is also a guarantee of long life.

    Eco-friendly product

    Tie-ups is an eco-friendly product that does not use materials of animal origin. It is 100% eco-friendly because all its components are totally recyclable and leave no residues in the environment.


    Plastic design

    The design of Tie-Ups was inspired by the discovery of plastic in a disruptive way, there are many brands that, starting from the 1960s, gave life to a real revolution in terms of image renewal and more. Made in Italy in this area was among the first to be able to grasp modernity.

    Today plastic is the material par excellence of contemporary design, capable of creating products great aesthetically, for their functionality but also to the touch. When worked plastic becomes soft and supple, resistant and long-lasting.
    Plastic design allows to produce quality products and be ecological sustainable, without the use of materials of animal origin.

    Unique features

    One size

    Animal Free


    Anti metal-detector


    Made in Italy


    The Tie-ups world

    The production of tie-ups began in 2008 and the product was introduced in some of the most prestigious stores in Italy in less than a year. The first international tie-ups® flagship store opened in Japan in April 2009, and since then many markets have entered the world of Tie-Ups such as Spain, Holland, Greece, Belgium and Germany in Europe and Australia and USA in the world.

    The tie-ups® brand maintains the Italian origins and a strong presence in Italy. The first single-brand store was opened in 2010 in an exclusive location, in Milan in Via Manzoni, the “fashion district” which represents a real international showcase for the major Italian fashion brands.

    In recent years we have been expanding in the Asian market, with stores in Korea and Hong Kong. The goal of tie-ups for these markets is to make Italian style known in its simplicity and elegance, but at the same time to offer products built with innovative and always avant-garde materials; the aim is to blend Italian tradition with the strong tendency towards innovation and experimentation that has always characterised Tie-ups.

    Tie-ups are not just a fashion accessory, it is an artistic element that allows you to play with combinations of colours and shapes.

    The packaging

    As with the belts, the transparent packaging that stores them was studied and designed to be functional and aesthetically great. Tie-ups belt wants to be an object that goes beyond a clothing accessory and that lends itself to being an artistic object. The container in transparent polycarbonate printed in relief has a high visual impact that enhances the belt aesthetic qualities. The packaging perfectly holds the belt, and multiple stacked boxes give a “suspended” effect to the product, highlighting its bright colour and tracing its elegant profile.
    These interlocking boxes allow to create ever new three-dimensional shapes, playing with the colours of the belts.
    Tie-ups are in all items with a strong display character, which allows every shop or individual to create the “Tie-ups zone”. Conceiving the accurate transparent packaging, Matley gave life to this dynamic and self-made idea of exhibitions and thus created a tool through which any shop could give vent to its artistic vein. Tie-ups are the concrete demonstration that in the world of fashion accessories there is still a lot to say and to invent.

    With skills in different sectors the idea to create something new in the world of fashion is now a reality.  With the study of materials, design and packaging a traditional accessory is reinvented, establishing an accessory that goes beyond the classic or informal style, adapting to any stylistic choice.