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    Bags and backpacks

    Sirio Bag

    A modern, minimalist and mono colour bag. Elegant and trendy at the same time. Italian design and original.
    This 100% recyclable bag looks amazing but is also extremely strong and durable. It’s suitable for all occasions, the office, school or night out but also great for families as it is fully washable!
    This bag had long handles that can fit around the shoulder or can be hand carried, closed securely with a zip.
    The Sirio Bag is unisex, animal free and vegan friendly. Is produced 100% in Italy and is friendly and ethically manufactured.


    The Pochette Orsa Minore is a minimal design accessory. Is perfect to keep accessories like keys, phone and glasses.
    The Pochette is made of hypoallergenic durable plastic materials and designed with a waterproof zip which will not show no seam. Many colour combinations are available to match other Tie-ups accessories and your style.

    Vega Backpack

    A modern and minimalist backpack for all occasions.
    This great bag has a clean and stylish look but is also resistant and suitable for all situations. Wear it for the office, for school, shopping or cycling. Can be used on the back but also as a stylish bag. This bag can be washed and the material is water repellent. This unique backpack is suitable for all the family and the stylish city worker.
    The bag is made from thermoplastic elastomer, a very resistant material, water resistant, animal free and entirely produced in Italy.